Evan T. Caffrey
Of Counsel
T 832-681-5437
M 713-715-9119
F 713-871-8962


When a case requires the captain’s bell for “full speed ahead,” Evan Caffrey responds as the litigator who can see it through. With over 24 years of experience in litigating, mediating, and arbitrating disputes arising out of the marine and energy industries, Evan recognizes that commercial litigation involving personal injury, property damage, business interruption, indemnity, and insurance coverage requires full development of complex and technical facts. Energized by diving deep, other distinctive qualities of Evan’s practice include the ability to recognize critical case elements and the capacity for interfacing with experts, clients, opposing counsel, and colleagues. He has the experience and skill set to shift seamlessly between camaraderie and confrontation when a client faces obstructionist tactics, and the professionalism to keep a case on course and above board.

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